Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Globe Store Gen3 at Greenbelt 4

Globe Telecoms recently opened the Globe Store Gen3 at Greenbelt 4 in Makati. It's sort of a high end version of their business center where people can go to for various concerns, like questions about their postpaid account, for new accounts, to buy prepaid cards, etc.

This new store is greatly designed with stations for the various promos the company is promoting, like subscription to NBA, games that you can subscribe to, like Clash of Clans, Spotify, and Hooq, a new Philippine-based video subscription service.

They also sell accessories like speakers, headphones, phone cases, just to name a few!

The person who first accommodated my questions was well-versed and, when he felt that I will not go away easily, he typed my name and phone number on an iPad mini. A portable printer was attached to his belt and it printed my ticket. Actually, I felt that the ticket was already superfluous because my name and where I will be assisted actually appeared on several screens. Their system also sent a text message to my phone.

I was entertained at the second floor of the shop and it actually felt like I was going to an Apple Store! There was a long table, stools and people behind the table ready to answer my questions. Oh, I forgot to mention that the person who gave me the ticket took my photo on his iPad. I asked what it's for (my security spidy sense was tingling) but he said it's for the person who will accommodate my queries. He said that photo will make it easier for the one who will assist me to recognize me, even call me by my first name.

So, I sat on the stool and went on with my questions...

After my questions, I told the person I spoke with that the vibe in the store felt like being in an Apple Store. He said it's because the store was designed by the same people who designed Apple's. I have to dig deeper regarding that, but, Apple designer or not, the vibe in the store was a pleasant one.

If only there are no android phones...

So, if you're in the Greenbelt area, I suggest you visit this new Globe concept store. It's a nice experience and, even if you don't subscribe to their network, you will still be able to appreciate the place.

They may even be able to entice you to switch...

Oh, did I mention that there is a Star Wars game where you can play in while waiting?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Philips ActionFit Overdrive Review

Of all my earphones, the ones that usually break first are the ones that I use for the gym. It's either the thing gets shorted because of my sweat, or, and this happens more often, the wire inside breaks because the thing gets yanked whenever I workout.

My latest earphones, the Yurbuds, which I reviewed here, broke and I needed to find another pair. I would have gotten another pair of Yurbuds but I wanted a pair that blocks out most of the noise. I mostly workout in a gym anyway so I don't need to be as conscious of my surroundings as compared to if I jogged outdoors.

So, I decided to get the Philips ActionFit Overdrive.

This pair hooks around the ear and you adjust the hooks based on the size of your ear lobes. This pair has an in-ear design so it makes for a more immersive listening experience. Much of the noise is blocked out though you will not be completely isolated: external sounds are muted but are not totally blocked off. This makes the earphones still useable for outdoor activities.

There is a clip along the cord so you can attach it to your clothing. There are two extra pairs of silicon caps and you determine which pair is more compatible with your ear canals.

There is also a small bag for the earphones though I really couldn't see the need for that...

The hook itself does not stay in place when bent. However, there is a plastic slider that you adjust when you put the earphones on. I illustrate the difference on the photo below. The earphone on top has the slider on the default position, while the one at the bottom has the slider set all the way down. You adjust the slider based on the size of your earlobes.

Sound quality of the earphones is great, the mids are clearly heard. The lows are very distinctive and spoken words are clear and highly intelligible. However, the bass of the earphones is on the quiet side, so if you are into rock or hiphop music, you won't be able to feel as much thump. For a sports-oriented pair, this earphone is great for listening to classical music. And also, since some of the outside noise leak in, you will have to increase the volume of your player.

The Philips ActionFit Overdrive is sweat and moisture resistant so I hope this will last longer than my other sports earphones. The Philips website also states that the wires are "Kevlar-reinforced" so I hope that this new pair will survive the tugging and yanking that will definitely happen.

But overall, the sound quality of the Philips Action Fit Overdrive is great. #TheShyPhotographer Highly Recommends it for workouts, for listening outdoors, or if you just want to kick back.

So get yours here:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Timbuk2 Dashboard Laptop Messenger Bag

I absolutely love good design.

This is the reason why I am very loyal to very few brands:

I love The North Face jackets, Levi's pants, Muji notebooks, Chuck Taylor shoes, Canon DSLRs and lenses, Sony point-and-shoots and mirrorless cameras, etc.

And all things Apple of course. I absolutely love Apple products!!!

Another thing that I absolutely love are Timbuk2 messenger bags.

I had a Timbuk2 bag, one that fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which I used for about 7 years while the wife and I still lived in the US. It had absolutely no signs of wear-and-tear that, I believe, I can sell it as a rarely-used item. I gave it to my nephew who was about to enter college and I believe that he will use it till the day he graduates.

And beyond...

But I missed my Timbuk2 bag... And I lost sleep over it and I thought about asking the bag back, though that would have made me a really bad uncle. So, even if I already have a Timbuk2 bag that can fit a full-sized iPad, I decided to get another Timbuk2 bag that can fit a 15-inch laptop.

No, I rarely bring my laptop out of the house these days, but I can always find a use for such a bag.

For example, when the wife and I went to Singapore, this was the bag that I brought. It contained a rain coat (a North Face), an umbrella, a couple of 日本語 (Japanese) books, a MacBook and its charger, my Canon G15, my iPhone 6+, an external battery, snacks and other knick knacks.

I actually wanted to bring my smaller Timbuk2 for those days when we were in Singapore and I actually hated myself a little for not having it with me.

And yes, living in Southeast Asia, where it rains for most of the year, having a waterproof bag is a big, big plus. My Timbuk2 bags perform admirably against rain shower, torrential or not!

Just a couple of tiny cons...

The thing that my small Timbuk2 had over this big one is that there are two inner pockets in the smaller bag whereas there is only one in the big version. That seems very ironic for me... Oh, and the iPad compartment in the smaller bag is built-in whereas for the big one, the laptop compartment is removable. Some people may find that a plus but, for me, I wish that it is built in - it's one small thing that I won't have to think about anymore...

But I love this bag (and I equally love the smaller one). And if ever this breaks down, which I doubt it will, I will definitely get another Timbuk2 bag. And I hope their presence in the Philippines will not waver.

Get yours here:

For the smaller Timbuk2 bag...

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tylt Energi

I love the battery life of the iPhone 6+. However, the thing still does not last me the whole day. So, to supplement the phone's internal battery, I got an external battery that connects to the phone via a case.

I got the Tylt case and battery pack.

The case is easy to install: just put the phone in and let the phone snap into place. All sides of the phone are covered, though the mute toggle switch is exposed and, of course, the bottom, where you can find the speaker, headphone jack and the lightning port, is open.

The case also has a non-slip surface making the phone easier to handle.

When the phone runs out of juice, the case has railings where the external battery glides through. The external battery has a casing that is designed to push the sound from the phone speaker forward. This is very nice and it actually makes the sound "seem" louder simply because the sound is being directed towards you.

The battery has a capacity of 3500 mAh so it essentially doubles the battery life of the iPhone. For my usage, this is enough to last me up to at least 11pm at night.

The battery charges the phone at 2.1A so the iPhone charges rather quickly. The downside of this is the battery and phone can get hot.

To check for the charge of the battery, just push the button at the back and four LEDs will light up for a full charge, two for 50%, etc. This button also tells the battery to charge the phone up; yes, it doesn't automatically charge the phone up when you slide the phone in. This, for me, is a good thing. It means you can just leave the phone in the casing and the external battery will be available when you need it. Long pressing this button also turns the battery off, though the battery will automatically stop the charging process when the phone reaches 100%.

The case of the battery is the same non-slip one that is used for the phone case and, when installed, the system acts as one seamless unit.

Oh, and the battery is factory charged so you can use it out of the box without needing to charge it first.

Now, for the cons.

When installed, the battery cannot be removed without pressing the volume and/or the power button(s). Also, when the battery is attached, you essentially lose access to the headphone port. Inside the box is an email address and phone number where you can tell the company that you need a headphone extension adapter. I don't know about you, but I don't know of anyone who would not need an adapter with this type of battery charger. It would have been nice(r) if Tylt included the adapter in the box. So, when I need to use a pair of headphones, I remove the phone, let the headphone jack go through the opening, then re-attach the phone into the battery; it is quite tedious...

Another con: that branding is very confusing for me. I even thought that the brand is LTAL... But that's just me... Oh... And Energi?!?

But overall, I like the battery pack and I like the fact that I don't need to be close to a wall outlet if I want to top up my phone.

The TYLT Energi is Highly Recommended!

Get yours here:

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