Friday, November 23, 2012

Win a Lowepro Bag!

Here’s your chance to win a Lowepro Photo Hatchback AW!

It's the new bag from Lowepro that's perfect for traversing the urban jungle or hiking your favorite nature get-away. There's a padded camera compartment that can fit your DSLR with lens attached, an extra lens and a speedlite. The roomy upper compartment can house your wind breaker, a book, and whatever small accessories you need with you when you walk around. And there's an all-weather cover just in case you run across some inclement weather.

The camera is accessed from a body-side opening - no prying hands, other than yours, will be able to get to your precious gear.

And if you need just a regular backpack, you can remove the camera compartment and you can fit in more of your personal stuff inside.

And there's even room for an iPad!!!


The rules to enter are simple. And you have three different ways to participate. (And yes, you can choose just one way, or do all three.)

First Way!

  • Send me a tweet at @garybc telling me why you'd love to have this bag.
  • Don't forget to use the hashtag #PhotoHatchbackAW in the same tweet.

Second Way!

  • Not on Twitter? No problem.
  • Share a photo of your current camera bag on Instagram and tell me why you need the Lowepro Photo Hatchback.
  • Again, don't forget to use the hashtag #PhotoHatchbackAW in your Instagram post.

Third Way!

  • Not on Twitter or Instagram? Just add a comment to this blog about how you’d use the bag if you won.


We’ll randomly select a winner on Tuesday, November 27. The winning comment will be posted here on twitter and on my Facebook page.

This contest is open internationally, but void where prohibited. One winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

Special thanks to Derrick Story, Yvonne Petro, and Suzanne Knowlton of Lowepro for sponsoring the bag and for choosing my blog to hold this contest.

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  1. Looks like a great bag to take hiking up in the Appalachians! I'd use it for hiking wilderness and urban alike.

  2. If I won the Hatchback bag it would replace my smaller Lowepro that I have! It's a bit small and is starting to wear out a bit - it would be wonderful to have a newer bag to keep my gear safe!

  3. Right now, I think it would be best pressed into use for flood defence! ;-)

    Mike C.

    1. LOL. i don't think the bag can defend against flood... some rain, yes... :D

  4. need to replace my old camera bag,give my gear a new home and be ready to go at a moments notice for any photo ops.

  5. I need replace my Lowepro bag that I have! It's a bit small on my gear.
    This bag is great for daily use, with this I can have my gear in any moment, that any good pictures don't run away!

  6. It is great that i can use my slingshot 202 AW for my gear ,but need a bigger one like the hatchback AW

  7. This #PhotoHatchbackAW will be the perfect complement to my Lowepro collection, and right between my TopLoader and SlingShot. It's the perfect bag for mountain biking, hiking and urban exploration shoots!

  8. It would be nice to have something a little smaller, sturdier, and more comfortable than the good 'ole $40 Green Canon bag I'm rocking now :)

  9. I need a camera bag with a lot of utilities, since I was a college student at the art institutes. and the courses I took was photography.
    So with my busyness as a student as well as a photographer, Lowepro Photo Hatchback AW wll be very helpful to my needs!
    Really hope to get this bag, because I really need it .. :(

  10. i need this bag coz i had a bag with only 3 slots :( and i have to hold it on my belly which looks soo awkward :(
    i want it plz plz coz i have to travel long sometimes cant hold my old bag on my belly
    i want ur bag so i will carry it on my shoulders so i will be more comfortable
    thanks in advance

  11. I want to take more shots of my city, but its not easy woth my large Lowepro rucksack, i need domething smaller and managable, so i can move around the city taking beautiful images which of course i will share with Lowepro.

  12. If i won i would give the bag to my sister to use over the summer to store her gear in a bag that is easily held to get those great summer shots!

  13. If I were to win the Lowepro Photo Hatchback AW, I would use it to store all my camera equipment in one place. I am currently using a small one compartment side pack to DSLR and a lens when I am on the go. It is pretty inconvenient since it I can't bring my other lenses, filters or etc equipment that I have.

    Winning the bag will really change the way I shoot my images. I will be able to get the full potential out of my images since I will have everything I need with me at all times.

    Thanks for making this contest!
    -Andrew N.

  14. What a great bag! I would use this for work at the Zoo. I have another larger Lowe Pro bag that is too much for just quickly running from one end of the zoo to the other for a few quick shots. The added compartment for the tablet looks great as well. With an Eye-fi card in the camera, I would be able to photograph on my DSLR, and stop at the vet hospital to quickly show the vet the images right away on a larger screen than the back of the camera! While this bag is much smaller than the one that I have, it looks like I would still be able to have an extra lens or two, along with my flash, well padded and protected!

  15. Would love this bag to replace the costco bag I originally got.

  16. I will use this lowepro bag in all of my shoot like wedding, events and more. So my gear will be protected and it will provides secure and easy access to my gear this is very very Great Bag!

  17. I have a medium sized dslr with and extra lens, tablet, and gorillapod. But no bag can fit them all with my lunch and water bottle. This bagpack is perfect!

  18. This is a one bag fits all! I may not have a camera right now but it would just be right for my Macbook and other stuffs if I would be on vacation or something. It's definitely great for outdoor activities and long weekends for traveling. Hope to get this great back pack, haha! :)

  19. I have been looking for a new camera bag to replace my current Toploader Zoom 55 AW, which had been used extensively for my travel. It’s time to upgrade for a slightly bigger bag to have more space for my camera accessories, extra lens and a tablet. As I’m always travelling with a budget airline, they are limiting to one hand-carry bag and this bag is perfect for my cameras, tablet and personal documents, all into one bag. As always the rain cover works well in an unpredictable tropical weather!

  20. this is the bag i want, why. because this bag is so amazing, the orange color make like a fashion bag, not look like ordinary camera bag with all black color.i want to replace my shoulder bag, because i can't put my camera safely over there. i want to buy a lowepro bag , and this is the perfect one for me.

  21. It's the most stylish bag Lowepro ever did! I must have it.

  22. I would use this bag for regular days that maybe carrying all camera gear is not the important think but I still want to have it

  23. If i won this bag, i will replace my others bag. it can fit more than the spec. show and i also will use it everyday as my normal bag.

  24. My current Lowepro bag is great but rather large wich results in a heavy backpack. I think I won't have that problem with this bag. Would love to win one.



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