Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Small Review for the Big iPhone 6+

I've had the iPhone 6+ for several weeks now. And so far, it has been glorious!

With this iPhone, I am able to read e-books more than when I was using the iPhone 5s. I just could not read on that phone. So, then, if I wanted to do some reading, I brought out my iPad and read with that. I wanted to see more and the 5s was not able to satisfy my needs. (Now I know why I was really bored with reading on the 3.5-inch iPod Touch, and that was the reason why we bought a Kindle; reading on such a small screen was very tedious...)

And since the 6+ enables me to read more, I don't bring my iPad as often anymore. This makes The Wife really happy since she wants me to lighten my daily load. She gives me a maximum load limit to the things I carry on a daily level...

With the 6+, I can now watch animé without squinting my eyes. I like to watch animés in Japanese and just read the subtitles, and, with the 5.5-inch screen, the subtitles are big enough for reading.

With this phone, I can also play Clash of Clans, my favorite online game! The screen is big enough so I can see more of my enemy's village! (Although, still, nothing beats, ah, beating the hell out of someone's village with the bigger iPad!)

And of course, everyone benefits with the larger screen when they are using their phone for navigation. (Yeah, traffic in Metro Manila is horrible...)

However, having a large phone also has its set backs. One is, there are some things I can do one-handed on the iPhone 5s that I can't do with the 6+ anymore. When I put the phone on my front jeans pocket, the 6+ sticks out. And of course, there is the possibility of the phone bending... I don't want that, so I rarely put my phone on any of my pants pockets.

Oh, and I still feel (a little) ridiculous whenever I use the phone for calling... So, as much as possible, I use a pair of earbuds for calling.

The new camera of the 6+ is much better than the one on the 5s. However, I have yet to try the slo-mo and burst capture of the phone.

I love, absolutely love my iPhone 6+. If there's one thing I don't like, it's that I just wish the rotation of the display would be patterned after the one on the iPad - that is, it can rotate in any orientation, for all apps. You have to be lucky if you want to guess correctly how an app will orient itself when you flip or twist the phone...

Another thing, I still have to get used to the iPhone 6+'s new keypad when it's in landscape orientation. 

And lastly, I hope all my apps will have a native resolution for the 6+ instead of the apps just being magnified, zoomed in, to fill the entire screen. Having a native resolution for the iPhone 6+ is a magical experience. ��

Yes, the iPhone 6+ is Highly Recommended but it is not for the faint-of-heart!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Digital Photographer Philippines 9

My nephew, the wife and I went to Digital Photographer Philippines last March 21, 2015. It was a free event though you have to register for it. You can do so online or you can register on site. There were a lot of participants, photo gears and, of course, photographers.

The participants were treated to product demos, photography lectures, and some were even allowed to use their own cameras to photograph a lady dressed as an animé character. 

It was a fun, day-long event, though I wish they had a different set up regarding the lecture/demos. For some of the demos, the speakers stood on stage, gave a short lecture, then asked the people to move towards the boxing ring. This was utter chaos; the people have already settled in their seats but then were asked to transfer towards the ring. And also, since the sound system was set on stage, we really couldn't hear what the speaker was saying when he was on the boxing ring... That made no sense to me.

Also, using the boxing ring for the demo "stage", for me, didn't really work. The ropes kept getting in the way of the viewers.

However, we were also treated to some amazing bike stunts! I just wished that the area was cordoned off - the event bordered on the dangerous because any of the participants could have been hit by a flying bike...

There were also some flash mob dancers!

Being a photography event, a lot of people came armed with their cameras...

The last lecture was done the way I would have set it up: both the lecture and the demos were done on stage - well, it was supposed to be that way, except the light triggers failed to work...

But then, we were treated to some beautiful belly dancing so we really couldn't complain.

But, all-in-all, it was a really fun and exciting event. Here's looking forward to next year's DPP!

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