Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Scott Bourne Changed My Life

With a simple mouse click, my life has drastically changed.
Scott constantly holds contests and, this time around, I was very lucky to win. You can just imagine my glee when I found out! While watching a Yankees game, my iPod Touch informed me that I have a new Twitter mention - it popped out a message from Scott informing me that I won. I lost my breath! I told the wife and the two of us went on screaming and jumping at the same time! I couldn't believe my luck. I emailed Scott my info and he sent me the package the next business day. I was giddy waiting for it to arrive.

Then it came. I still couldn't believe it. I opened the box and out popped the contents of the package. Yes, the content comes with an "s". This was what I looked like when I got the main prize:

And this was what I looked like a few seconds later:

I was hyperventilating again and I had to pump my chest! (Photos taken by the wife.) This is, so far, the biggest prize I have received.
(Quite coincidentally, a few nights prior, I told the wife that the next time I'd buy a DSLR I would like it to be a full frame sensor, say a Canon 5D Mark VII or whatever Canon will call it then.)
So, I would like to thank Scott Bourne (website, twitter) and Xritephoto (website, twitter). I am hoping that I'd also come to a point when I would be the one who will be able to give away stuff. But for now, I have some manuals to read...
And for those who do not believe in Scott's contests, well, if these pictures won't convince you, I don't know what else can.


  1. haha, yeah, i hope you'll be giving some stuffs away in the future, hahaha! but you're definitely a lucky person on raffles. congrats again on your prize. hope i can get a dslr someday.

  2. oh i forgot, i'd like to share your post, it's very inspiring :)

  3. its good to know how scott change peoples life, congrats man, i very happy for you :)

  4. Yay!! Congrats on your great prize. :o)



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